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5 Tips for Acquiring ACCME Joint Sponsorship

Acquiring joint providership accreditation from ACCME is a process that can be immensely rewarding for your association’s members. Access to new educational resources, and expanded or more diverse activity offerings, can revitalize your CME program. But it is also a journey complicated by multiple significant challenges: from finding the right partner to preparing an accreditation petition that requires as much careful planning as your initial accreditation application. If you are a non-accredited potential joint providership applicant, acquiring accreditation for a new venture with a prospective partner will be a painstaking process. In addition to having to “audition” for your accredited potential co-provider, you’ll also need to be ready to submit exhaustive documentation to support your association’s readiness to meet ACCME standards.

We’ve prepared a list of tips that will help you focus on critical tasks as you develop your joint providership strategy and seek a partner.

First, let’s define our terms.

What is a Joint Providership?

Joint providership was called “joint sponsorship” until 2014, when the ACCME  made the decision to change the terms in its effort to ...

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How to Save Countless Hours Spent Providing Tech Assistance to Members

One of the most difficult challenges that your association will face concerning your CME LMS is how to reduce the countless hours spent providing tech assistance to members, without compromising customer service.

Balancing your learners’ need to simply get on with their work with your association’s mandate to use tech features that optimize your LMS’ potential is a painstaking exercise. You’ll need a solid understanding of instructional design principles and website usability standards. Unless you utilize a third-party LMS solution, you’ll also need a fair amount of patience to review, update, and implement a new approach to tech support management.

While that prospect may seem daunting, it shouldn’t discourage. The following strategies will help you decrease your members’ need for tech assistance over time, and make a future rise in call volume unlikely.

First, a quick self-assessment

1. Do the bulk of your tech assistance calls relate to common administrative tasks such as logging in, payment processing, or data recovery? 

In your analysis, segment tech support requests according to their complexity and their frequency. If the preponderance of calls are related to low-complexity tasks, then the...

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