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Does Your Association Understand the Risk of Using YouTube for Continuing Education?

I’ve previously blogged about the best video providers for an Association’s learning management system. My top picks were Sprout, Wistia and Vimeo, mainly based on their price and ease of use. Many organizations use YouTube as well.

However, there are a number of risks with using such providers. While a low price can be enticing, the long-term costs are something you should carefully consider.

The security of your videos is at risk

None of the providers listed above offer asset-level security tracked at the user level. What’s that mean? It means that you can control exactly who can view a individual video. So, even if a user can get to a video, they can’t view it unless you’ve given them access or allowed your learning management system (LMS) to automatically provision access.

Without asset-level security, your expensively produced, copyrighted video is out there in the wild, and, once a user has accessed it, it’s very possible that they are sharing it with others or even downloading it. Even when password-protected, each video is only provided with a single, shareable password.

And domain-restricted embedding is ...

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Creating a Joint Sponsorship Agreement for CME Credit

Once you’ve decided to pursue a joint providership agreement for credit with another provider, you’ll have several important steps to take in order to be ready to submit your application.

First, we’ll review the latest requirements for assigning AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for CME activities, then we’ll look at best practices in creating an agreement.

1. CME providers are required to:

a. Develop and offer activities that comply with AMA PRA core and format-specific requirements for each approved learning format approved by the AMA.

b. Be recognized as an accredited CME provider by the ACCME or an ACCME-recognized state medical society (SMS). Organizations not holding accreditation must hold a joint providership agreement with an accredited provider.

2. The types of CME content eligible for credit must:

A. Align with the AMA’s definition of CME:

Educational activities which serve to develop, support, or enhance the knowledge and competencies that...

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3 Ways to Reduce Member Support Calls for a Medical Association

The handling of member support calls is a key determinant of the quality of your members’ customer experience, and an integral part of your CME platform’s ease-of-use. An unpleasant customer service interaction will impact a customer’s view of your CME programming, and ultimately your association.

In fact, according to a recent Forrester Research report, your members actually don’t want to call your helpline—it’s something that they strenuously avoid. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to find answers on their own, preferably on the same page that they’re having trouble with. A call or an email is an extra step that research shows consumers simply don’t want to take. They shouldn’t have to Google or scour a user forum for solutions, either. If they do, many experts say, you’ve already begun to lose their trust in your commitment to meeting their needs. The most important element of a member’s support request, however, isn’t a short average hold time (AHT) or even how rapidly answers are found—it’s the reason why they’re calling in the first place.

In developing a member support call reduction plan, your best...

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