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Does cmi5 Matter to Continuing Education?

Continuing medical education credit tracking benefits when e-learning courses comply with technical standards. Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) ensured that content was designed in a consistent manner, so that it could be played universally — regardless of the learning management system (LMS). When the learning activity was complete, the SCORM-compliant LMS could then award continuing medical education (CME) credit. Standardization permitted users to participate in a wider variety of courses, because the content no longer relied on the LMS, and systems automatically tracked successful course completion.

SCORM has been an effective tool since its release in 2000. However, new technology is creating dramatic changes in the LMS for CME space. An alternative standard, known as Experience API (xAPI) or Tin Can API, will permit users to get credit for a range of educational activities that historically have not been easily to create and distribute. As more e-learning vendors begin to explore the possibilities of xAPI, there will be new opportunities for instructional designers specializing in CME courses.

The xAPI: An Overview...
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Finding “Perfection” in Your Association Management Service

Identify your top priorities in order to find the right AMS for your association.

Wouldn’t you love for everything just to run perfectly? It’s easy to imagine your association’s seamless operating system... run by flawless employees... for thoroughly satisfied members. Paints a nice picture, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, we all know perfection doesn’t exist.  

However, we can still work towards it. As Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” It’s about finding what will work best -- rather than what will work perfectly.

When it comes to finding an association management service, look for one that best fits your organization. By starting out with the right AMS building blocks, you can make more effective improvements over the months and years to come.

Identify Your Top Priority For Your  Association Management Service

According to data compiled by Bear Analytics, the four...

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Getting Data from Your LMS, AMS, CMS, and More to Play Nicely

How do you integrate the data from your learning management system? Check out how the details behind your organization’s data use can help create a more comprehensive system.

Take a moment to list off all the platforms you currently utilize at your organization. Now consider how they’re intended to improve daily operations. How many of them seamlessly interact with one another? How often do you find yourself wishing that your systems could do more for you, whether in data management or data analysis? Here are some factors to consider when trying to create a healthy flow of information through your association's medical LMS.

  1. Typical Functionality of an LMS

Some of the more common uses of an LMS include registering users, delivering content, pre-testing, post-testing, tracking CEs, tracking certification programs, processing payments (and other e-commerce functions), broadcast emailing, and providing general recommendations. However,...

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