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One monthly low price. One powerful LMS. Our most popular and economical plan for most medical associations, academic CME centers, and healthcare systems.

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One powerful learning management system fully customized to your brand, feature sets, and source code. Ideal for large associations, academic centers, and health systems.

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+Easy-to-Use and Affordable

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+Graded Assessments & Evaluations

+Personal Profiles & CE Transcripts

+ACCME PARS, CE Broker, CPE Monitor

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+SCORM, Tin Can & Digital Media Support

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+Data Migration

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Saying Thanks to our Community of Customers

The day after the 2017 EthosCE user group meeting, I am still feeling the warm glow of coming together with a group of people who use EthosCE every day. Our team puts a lot of ourselves into EthosCE. Years of effort, building relationships, difficult decisions, growth, setbacks and rewards. Yesterday was a day that let us know we're doing good work. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it came more from the relationships we've created than the product we create.


An LMS administrator community!


In CME, when we talk about a learning community, we're usually talking about healthcare professionals – the "learners." But at the EthosCE user group meeting, it was the LMS administrators who formed a learning community.

The attendees inspired each other and shared examples of their best work: problems they had solved, efficiencies they had gained, outcomes that had been improved. Those that struggled with challenges were inundated with suggestions and ideas to try. Those that had achieved success were cheered and applauded.

Our learning community of LMS administrators did more than just learn technical solutions from each other, they supported each other as colleagues, healthcare educators, business managers, CME experts, technologists and humans.


My gas tank of...
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What is a SCORM-Compliant LMS? 5 Facts You Should Know!

When considering a new learning management system, it may be beneficial to look for a system that is SCORM-compliant.

SCORM, the most common e-learning standard, stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM works to standardize elearning publishing settings for instructional designers and course authors in the e-learning industry. For those unfamiliar with the term, it can be confusing to understand how SCORM benefits elearning development. A SCORM-compliant LMS ensures that your courses can be played without problems in any SCORM-compliant LMS.

4 Facts To Help You Understand The Importance of a SCORM-Compliant LMS

Understanding SCORM, especially as it relates to a SCORM-compliant LMS, can be beneficial when selecting a new learning management system for your academic medical center. The following outline details how SCORM has created standards to improve LMS functionality.

  1. First released in 2000, SCORM eventually made it possible for developers to run the same course content on different vendor's systems. Back then, SCORM was just an unimplemented technical specification and it wasn't until...
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Can you guess how many people took an EthosCE course this year?

At the end of every year we do an annual review of the volume of activity in our clients' EthosCE installs. 2016 was a great year, we are up to 55 active EthosCE learning management installs and more are launching every month.

Here are some statistics from our clients and their busy healthcare practitioners in EthosCE:



230,000 EthosCE user accounts created in 2016.




11,000 new EthosCE e-learning activities created in 2016.




1,200,000 new EthosCE course enrollments in 2016.




800,000 EthosCE course completions in 2016.



All that educational activity helps make EthosCE a great fit for healthcare continuing education providers. If there's a CME, CNE, CPE or other continuing education activity you need to deliver, chances are that we've seen something just like it before or helped a customer make it happen.

If you'd like to learn more, request a demo today!

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