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Can you guess how many people took an EthosCE course this year?

At the end of every year we do an annual review of the volume of activity in our clients' EthosCE installs. 2016 was a great year, we are up to 55 active EthosCE learning management installs and more are launching every month.

Here are some statistics from our clients and their busy healthcare practitioners in EthosCE:



230,000 EthosCE user accounts created in 2016.




11,000 new EthosCE e-learning activities created in 2016.




1,200,000 new EthosCE course enrollments in 2016.




800,000 EthosCE course completions in 2016.



All that educational activity helps make EthosCE a great fit for healthcare continuing education providers. If there's a CME, CNE, CPE or other continuing education activity you need to deliver, chances are that we've seen something just like it before or helped a customer make it happen.

If you'd like to learn more, request a demo today!

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What’s the Best Video Hosting for an Association’s LMS?

Are you looking for a place to host your association’s videos to use in your learning management system (LMS)? You are not alone!

"Where should I host our videos?" might be the most common question we receive when on-boarding our association LMS customers in the EthosCE LMS.

And for a continuing medical education (CME) association's LMS, which is our specialty, there are often additional requirements around copyright and security.

Why is video hosting a hard choice to make?

There just are so many video hosting providers! According to Wikipedia there are more than 50 US-based video hosting companies.
It’s hard to understand the different value proposition for each video hosting provider.

With so many options to choose from, knowing which one is right for an association LMS can be difficult. And for a CME LMS, a veneer of professionalism is important too. Many video hosting options can feel inappropriate and consumer-focused.

Criteria used to measure video hosting providers

Low-cost: Video hosting has been “solved” so there is no reason to overpay.
High-quality: The video player must be gorgeous with smooth streaming and mobile support....

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We always talk about quality…

But are you considering the efficiency of your continuing education activities?

At the 2016 Pennsylvania Distance Learning Association’s annual conference Dr. Jeffrey Levy gave a lecture called "From Dreams to Reality (Augmented and Virtual)." Dr. Levy is a physician and expert in e-Learning (his bio is available here).

He’s an engaging, inspiring speaker, and something he said struck me as particularly applicable to the world of CME, CNE, CPE and other healthcare continuing education fields we live in.

“We always talk about quality, but we never talk about efficiency."

Photo by m_hweldon

I think his point was that if practitioners go from being a novice, through advanced beginner, on through competency and eventually mastery, as quickly as possible, it gives them a higher level of expertise for a longer period of time in practice. Education shouldn't be any slower than it needs to be to achieve its goals. In my thinking that might improve outcomes as well.

The tools he is working on to reach these goal are amazing—robotics, holographic simulations and machine learning. He’s a proponent of objective and consistent teaching through a standardized process, personalized to the learner, with measurable,...

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