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UX Design Continuing Education: Enhancing the CME Learner Experience

Just like any other consumer, your CME learners are focused on value. In a world in which digitally savvy customers are used to logging in, finding a product, and purchasing an item with a few clicks, CME providers are faced with a challenging question: “How do I enhance ux design continuing education for my learners—without sacrificing content quality?”

As you might expect, there is no single answer, but there are myriad “quick fixes” which do more harm than good. In this post, we’ll show the way to enhancing user experience for your learners without resorting to design gimmickry.

First, let’s look at why enhancing the user experience for your CME, CN, and CE learners is so important.

Perception is (Almost) Everything

According to recent research, along with the quality of educational content, the perception of the value received from CME programming impacts learner satisfaction, long-term user engagement, and knowledge retention. Since learning experiences that produce deeper user engagement tend to produce better knowledge retention, the user experience of your learners can have a direct impact on your CME...

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ACCME Criteria for Accreditation: What You Need to Know

As a Director or Coordinator, you’re well aware that regardless of the quality and breadth of your CME programming, an inadequately prepared application—one that’s missing critical data or provides an incomplete narrative— can severely damage your chances at winning ACCME accreditation. It’s important to intimately know the latest criteria for accreditation.

There are dozens of criterion for receiving ACCME accreditation. Many are mandatory for all applicants, and some only apply to associations seeking Accreditation with Commendation. All require an expert knowledge of data collection, curricular design, and learning analytics. Finding which criterion applies to your unique situation can be a significant challenge.

Fortunately, recent updates to ACCME guidelines have focused on clarifying accreditation applicant responsibilities and simplifying the language that details how CEs can achieve alignment with AMA and ACCME core principles. 

That said, ACCME guidelines aren’t exactly an effortless read. We’ve compiled a summary of the...

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3 Tips for Preventing Account Issues for Med Association Members

For CME coordinators, preventing account issues for medical association members is much more than a remedy to an administrative nuisance. When coupled with a growing subscriber base, repetitive member account problems have the potential to virtually paralyze CME operations by overtaxing, and eventually monopolizing, tech support and staff resources. 

Ranging from the relatively commonplace —such as human-error at login— to system-wide fails such as membership database corruption, persistent account issues can unleash chaos throughout your association in short order, sometimes taking months (and significant financial outlay) to resolve.

Account Issues Can Compromise Learner Trust

Regardless of their complexity, member account issues can deliver an unavoidable negative impact. Consequences might include mounting member frustration, a potential loss of subscribers and—if left unchecked— lasting damage to the reputation of your CME offerings. 

Preventing account issues for your medical association’s members isn’t merely a customer service issue: it’s essential to the success of your CME programming.

That’s because your association members are consumers first, and learners second. A failure at a...

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