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5 Ways to Generate New Revenue Streams in CME

Pink Floyd famously sang "Money.  It's a blast."  While there was a bit of sarcasm in their song, nothing could be more accurate today in continuing medical education (CME).  My friends and colleagues across the CME community are being required to develop new revenue streams to support their CE education programming and operations. When I first entered the CME world back in 2000, it was mostly unheard of to charge for continuing education in the health professions.  Then, starting with the 2008 Recession and growing opposition to widespread commercial pharmaceutical support, all that changed.

Here are 5 recommendations to succeed in this ever changing continuing medical education environment:

  1. Think Like An Entrepreneur - I recently attended a session at the 2016 ASAE Annual Conference that focused on helping association executives develop "new revenue veins."  At the core of their discussion, the presenters spoke passionately about the need for associations to change their mindset:  Stop thinking about as your association as "Just a not-for profit" and start thinking about it "As a business with not-for-profit tax status."  This doesn't mean that you have to adopt cut throat corporate business...
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Best Practices for Online Faculty Development: A CME Director’s View

Patricia Stubenberg, MPH, PhD, CHCP is the Director of Continuing Medical Education and Preceptor Development at the Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harrogate, Tennessee.

Patricia is a long-time EthosCE customer, and I recently had the pleasure of working with her on her platform upgrade. After seeing the LMU-DCOM programs I wanted to learn more and asked her to sit for an interview for the EthosCE blog.

Q. Tell us about your role at LMU-DCOM.

There are two parts to my job at LMU-DCOM. One is CME where I handle all the continuing medical education programs — from accreditation rules and requirements to developing and facilitating live and online CME programs.

The second role is preceptor development. I facilitate the development of training programs for clinical teachers of our medical students, primarily in the third- and fourth-year rotations.

Q. Where does LMU-DCOM fit in the world of continuing medical education?

Our mission is primary-care focused. Because of our rural and geographic locations our medical education includes a distributed model campus where clinical training is delivered to better meet primary care needs and expectations.

While there are ample...

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Can You Recognize the Most Business-Critical Feature of Your LMS?

I recently wrote about web services for CME and explained why it mattered to CME providers and physicians. In today’s post let’s look at why an LMS’ web service is perhaps the most business critical feature to the educational provider.

What is a web service?

Web services are use to share information between LMS, AMS, CRM and marketing systems.

Let’s review what a web service is before getting started. A web service is a form of communication between software systems that uses the web's HTTP protocol (the same one you used when you loaded this web page). And because the web is everywhere, this means that web services are ubiquitous. Your phone, router, DVR, smartwatch, travel reservations, online bank, Facebook, Instagram etc., all probably use web services to communicate with each other when necessary..

Web services, using HTTP, allow systems to create, retrieve, update and delete data without human intervention. For example, when you purchase something online, your purchase information is passed from the online store to a payment gateway to the payment processor and back using web services.

That technology is what makes it possible for all your systems to work together to provide education...

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